Managed Document Services

According to technology analysts Gartner, nine out of ten companies are either unaware of or simply underestimate their document print costs and the associated time burden on their staff. Furthermore, businesses are spending up to 3% of their total annual revenue producing documents.

Reflex Managed Document Service (MDS) is an extension and evolution of our Managed Print Solutions. MDS is designed to optimise the entire document output process, transform workflow processes, cut costs and optimise the print fleet to meet business requirements.

We can help you take control.

Our five-step consultancy service is driven by individual customers’ needs, commencing with a review so that we understand individual goals and requirements; the next step is to assess and analyse a clients’ document environment, encompassing document capture and output, workflow processes, information security and even environmental impact.

Our consultants will consider how efficiency improvements can be achieved and will design the most efficient technology solution for each individual client – one that that will not only save money, but also significantly improve productivity and business process efficiency.

Reflex MDS not only enhances the effectiveness of your document infrastructure and workflows but provides ongoing governance and continuous optimisation after implementation, driving maximum benefit for clients’ organisations and ensuring the document strategy is managed, so it remains expertly tuned to business’ changing needs.

Review > Assess > Design >Implement > Manage